Fun inna Photo? photofunia dot com -Obscure sites FTW

Last night, I somehow ended up at I never heard of it, but first glance, the homepage was simple, clean, and seemed pretty self explanatory. AWESOME -just my kind of site. So I decided to further explore and sure enough, it was super user friendly.

1. On the homepage, click on the thumbnail to select effect:

2. Upload an image from your computer:

3. aaaaand done:

Then, I can choose to:
1. Upload picture to imageshack
2. Download the avatar
3. Save the large image on my desktop.


Check out the avatar of the above:

This site is so easy to use, I did a few more effects:


SO much simpler than like… Photoshop. PLUS it’s web-based, which ROCKS since I prefer not to download apps into my computer.

Do you use sites like these? Fill me in, I’m always on the hunt for more uselessful time wasters ;)

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