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The Lego Minifig Timeline – OMG

Ok, this is an emergency: “HEAD OVER TO GIZ STAT” post. Gizmodo put together a LEGO Mini-fig timeline — with a gallery. I have been mesmerized for the past 15 minutes. Seriously. Jesus Diaz (my FAVORITE Gizmodo writer) is my hero.

Take a look at this (points below)

Reason No. 99827349273938472 Gizmodo RULES.
Thanks for the heads-up Josh. You are awesome.
via Exclusive: The Lego Minifig Timeline

Star Wars Influence Map

“In 2005, Wired magazine mapped out how exactly the Star Wars saga (including innovations from ILM, Skywalker Sound and LucasArts) has influenced pop culture, technology, entertainment companies and more over the years.

Read all about it here:
How Star Wars Changed the World (Wired.com)”
via Star Wars blog

There’s an interactive map at Wired.com.
This is so. much. awesome. That is all. :)

ps Thanks, (jeff)isageek

Desktop USB Light-Sabre Lamp: HOLY WANT, BATMAN


A desktop USB lamp styled like a lightsabre.
• When it is plugged-in the lightsabre will charge-up.
• Press the bronze button on the lightsabre’s hilt to activate the light.
• The lightsabre can be removed from its USB powered dock and used as a mini Star Wars toy.
• The light emitted is a subtle one in full daylight but pop it in the dark and it looks totally awesome.
• Requires a USB port.
• Suitable for ages 8 years+.
• Size: 33 x 6cm.

Thank you, Ryan!! via Gizmodo