Subscribing, unsubscribing, do you like me? Do you hate me?

I never want to relive high school, but at times, Friend Feed sure as heck feels like it.

Unlike Myspace or Facebook, where approval is needed to become ‘friends’, FriendFeed is more Twitter-esque, where people subscribe to you and you choose to subscribe back to them or not. Which seems pretty.. simple? But in actuality is super complicated since I noticed a lot of people take this ‘subscribing’ thing a little too seriously.

In this short month, I’ve had people send me FaceBook messages asking me why I haven’t subscribed back. I’ve also had people subscribing one day, unsubscribing the next, then re-subscribing to me (I get email notifications). All this time, I’m completely baffled since most of these said actions are from people I’ve NEVER interacted with.

So I’m going to get this out once and for all.

For ME, and ME only, I will subscribe back to anyone I interact with, who makes me laugh, and well.. actively participates on FriendFeed. Not exclusively on my feed, but people who I know are actually… people. Meaning your feed consists of more than imported feeds. If I don’t subscribe back, it’s NOT PERSONAL! So please, don’t be afraid to introduce yourselves, engage in conversations, and participate in threads. I’m a nice person, I really am! As are the other FF’ers!

However, there is one exception to the rule, per se. If your feed looks like this: (points below)

No offense but a Rubik’s Cube x4 of RSS orange squares kinda sorta scares me, so I most likely won’t subscribe back. I don’t know how to handle constant updates from ALL the blogs… It’s really not you, it’s me. Sorry =(

Well that’s my criteria, what’s yours?


2 thoughts on “Subscribing, unsubscribing, do you like me? Do you hate me?

  1. This discussion again? :-)

    There is no one right way. I would say engagement on my own feed is how I can gain awareness of you, or friends’ engagement on your activity. Then, there’s a similarity of interests, which ends up being the big one. But yes, a million blogs is scary. I whittled mine down to just one.

  2. I thought I’d pump this out one time and only once. Everytime there’s a “what’s your subscription criteria” I’m just going to link this post LOL!!

    And LG, I definitely agree. It’s all about active participations :)

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