Not FriendFeed related but this site is so rad, I thought I’d share :)

MindMap’in via mindmeister dot com

Last month, I had the biggest, monstrous, ugliest zit in the whole entire universe and couldn’t leave the house. Well ok, I’m being a little dramatic but I basically refused to leave. Yes it was THAT gnarly. But because of that ultimate zit FAIL’age, I finally took time to explore a site I heard about but never.. well.. took time to explore. And when I finally started playing with it, I was amazed.

Mindmeister is an interactive brainstorming-charting-simple flowgramming site that enables multiple user updating real time. There’s a one touch Skype button so if need be BAM an instant con call while composing the chart. How awesome is that? Seriously.

And it gets better.
Notes are jottable via 1. “My Geistesblitzes” = widget (Windows and Mac compatible) 2. SMS (Twitter) or 3. e-mail plus moticons, smilies, and tons of visuals galore. Once complied, the map can be exported and shared in various ways; which for a free service is phenomenal. Take a look. (points below)

..and image files can be downloaded in GIF, JPG, and PNG formats. WOW

The BEST part is there’s an interactive Java map with auto-generated code. For FREE. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t enable embedding so that’s kinda useles…. BUT you can always access it online. My very first (and only) interactive map is here and uhhhh here’s the png if you wanna REALLLY see it. Warning, it’s a little graphic and disgusting since I chronicled my biggest zit ever. Yes, I have absolutely no internet shame.

(click to enlarge)

At any rate, my only gripe is that it takes a while to refresh. But overall I’m a HUGE fan.
Definitely a recommended site :)

*added: unfortunately, WordPress does not support the interactive map. :(


5 thoughts on “mindmeister.com

  1. Hey Mona, how come you’re not feeding your blog in FF? I checked because I wanted to like and comment on it there. It’s kind of weird but I’d rather comment on FF then directly in this blog post. I’m only commenting here because I couldn’t find it in FF.

  2. Of all the entries, you guys are commenting on this one.
    Hilarious. And that’s why I love you guys!!!


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