Tweetsnap: a non Java/Flash based Twitter widget

So I’ve been looking to somehow put my Twitter -or would it be Tweets?..whatever, who cares- into my WordPress. I randomly came across Tweetsnap and didn’t see it on Twitter’s pbwiki so I decided to share. At first I thought it was a screen capping app but turns out it’s a widget. See? (points below)
TweetSnap | Personalised Twitter images and banners for forums, MySpace and websites!
Basically it’s HTML generated code so if your site doesn’t support Twitter badges like this one (or maybe I’m too stupid to figure it out…), it seemed like a solution. How perfect. JUST what I was looking for.

So I added it to my blog and.. well… it made my blog uglier than it already is. See?

Pixel Bits

It didn’t fit =(

So I manually adjusted the image size and…..

Pixel Bits

……the letters look like grains of rice =\
First thing I thought of was this:

Grain of rice necklaces. Remember those? (btw you can buy your own from where I um.. ‘borrowed’ the image at for the low introductory price of $9.95! …plus S&H. No I’m not affiliated with them)

What was I talking about? Oh ya, Twittersnap.
So ya, my Tweets are just WAY too small. Heck, the only person who’d be able to decipher my EFin Tweet would be Chris Pirillo and his USB Microscope. btw, check out his review. It makes me want one. Like NOW… SO it’s sad that Twittersnap doesn’t work for me, but maybe it’ll work with your layout ;) Visit their site here.

Dude, I soooo feel like I’m getting smarter. GO ME


4 thoughts on “Tweetsnap: a non Java/Flash based Twitter widget

  1. it’d be nice if they let you customize the color/design of the image to some extent – or had one that was just black/white text without the teal colored background altogether. really nice concept though and i’d love to use it if it didn’t clash with my current blog layout due to it’s color scheme.

  2. I found your blog while looking for a way to get non-java tweet in my post. Can’t seem to be able to get onto tweetsnap this a.m. — server keeps timing out my request. Could you “share” the code? Thank you.

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