What in the Sam Hill is Going On and What the EF is Techmeme?

Alright, call me ignorant, naive, dumb, blind, retarded, or whatever name you choose fit but seriously. What is Techmeme and why am I getting IM’s and phone calls telling me to wake up, log into my blog, and double check my grammar?

It is 5am in California.
Seriously. W T F ?

….was my initial reaction but when I Google’d Techmeme and actually looked at the site, I couldn’t believe it. I’m truly honored, I really am but more… embarrassed. I mean.. I haven’t imported this blog into my FriendFeed stream since it’s definitely not something I’m proud of and would show all my family friends… yet. So for this unorganized mess of a blog to make Techmeme is kinda sorta… well REALLY horrifying.

Plus the design is pretty ugly and the sub-header still says “Just another WordPress.com blog”

Um.. do you know how mortifying this is? Seriously. If I could burst into a trillion pixels, I totally would -no pun intended, since crawling into a hole and hiding would be too Osama Bin Laden-ish. CREEPY (says the girl who made a Mindmap of the biggest.zit.ever.) Wow, I guess I do have SOME internet shame.

So um ya.. please excuse the layout and uhhhh thanks Techmeme?
I’m speechless for the first time ever and if you know me, you know I’m never at a loss for words. Jeez.


2 thoughts on “What in the Sam Hill is Going On and What the EF is Techmeme?

  1. Here’s the thing, though – you didn’t start where most people would start… with a unique design, sub-header, etc. They’re typically the people who are into this for all the wrong reasons. When your words are genuine, and your perspective is presented clearly enough, then it doesn’t matter if sentence structure is elusive.

    Also, you prompted me to find the origin of ‘Sam Hill.’ According to one site, “Sam Hill is one of many euphemisms for ‘hell’ like ‘blazes,’ ‘Halifax,’ ‘heck,’ ‘Hoboken’ and many more. This one was very popular with frontiersmen, especially when they needed to clean up their language in the presence of ladies.”

  2. So I DO have some sort of manners! ;)

    …and thanks for your words Chris ; )

    Hey – no fair!
    You edited your comment. FINE I’ll change the wording.

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