Wiki has a Knol page but there’s no Knol page for Wiki -how rude!

I wanted to see if Knol had a Wikipedia page – and sure enough, it did:

Knol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Check this out (highlighted):

Several experts see Knol as Google’s attempt to compete with Wikipedia.[6]

“attempt to compete” – and it’s referenced haha. Correct me if I’m wrong but I went on Knol to look for Wiki, but they didn’t have one. FAIL.

Oh and please excuse the Tweet in the lower right hand corner of that screen grab. It’s a notification from Twitterfox, a FireFox add-on for Twitter. I like it more than the other Twitter clients. That Tweet is from Centernetworks (Allen Stern’s site) Another awesome person I found on FriendFeed :)

So what’s the funniest/weirdest/baffling thing you’ve seen on Wiki or Knol??


2 thoughts on “Wiki has a Knol page but there’s no Knol page for Wiki -how rude!

  1. I think that Google managers live& work by win-lose strategy and “Wiki’s people” live providing win-win strategy. It is a similar answer. For users it is a greart event that it will be two or more encyclopaedias. More knowledge we can use, more we will be smarter.

  2. Agreed… although I only use Wiki for music references since a lot of information on there doesn’t seem reliable… but then again that’s me ;) I’m excited to see the progression of Knol but at this time, it’s way too useless for me.

    Thanks for the comment Misha!

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