Screw Facebook, I’m Learning How to Unclog Toilets from Knol (Google’s “Wikipedia”)

Google’s Wikipedia equivalent, Knol, launched today (see the announcement on their blog) Of course, I went to see it. I mean… it’s Google? Why wouldn’t I? Annnnd here’s what I found:

a unit of knowledge

(click to enlarge)

My first impression? Baffled. Seriously. “Where do I start?”

So I clicked on a featured article, “How to Unclog Toilets”, and was pleasantly surprised. Unlike the homepage, it was more intuitive to scan and navigate (read: user friendly). Added bonus for the visuals accompanying the step by step guide! Visuals = WIN

Toilet clogs - a knol by The Family Handyman Magazine

Okay, so maybe I don’t particularly enjoy toilet visuals – but I think you catch my drift. The instructions even tell you to wear rubber gloves. Ummm…. Who would… I mean… LOL

But ya, there’s even walk through of toilet removal for extreme cloggage =O

Toilet clogs - a knol by The Family Handyman Magazine

Bottomline: Knol is still a little too confusing for me…

  1. It took me a while to find the search box on the upper right. Ummmm… shouldn’t it be more apparent to visitors? Searching for a search box seems awfully unintuitive, especially since Knol is a resource from Google.
  2. I’m assuming they’re more interested in finding people to add content since… well, the “Write a Knol” button is IN MY FACE. My response? *ignore* I’m not interested in contributing, I’m interested in finding information or potentially exploring.
  3. Not enough content right now. This is likely to change over time, but I can’t help but wonder if other people are equally as underwhelmed as I am. You know, except for those who reaaaaaaaally need to unclog their toilets ASAP.

I’m sticking with Wikipedia for now…

ps. Charlie Anzman posted his experience with Knol and Chris already has his take on Knol and Wisdom.
Their perspectives are a little more ‘techie’… the reasons I adore them ;)

….on second thought I might add something liiiike how to fix a mouse with duct tape. Or like.. how to live on $10 a week… you know, spice up Knol a tad. Heck, thinking about what I want to contribute is far more exciting than throwing sheep on Facebook.

Sooooooo what would you add? Did you like Knol? Do you think Google = instant hit?? Share your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “Screw Facebook, I’m Learning How to Unclog Toilets from Knol (Google’s “Wikipedia”)

  1. Hi Mona,

    Lots of interesting resources on your blog!

    Are you interested in checking out Yokway?
    Let me know and I’ll send you an invite.


  2. Hello Stephan, thank you so much for the kind words :) I am always up to check out new services, so I will definitely be contacting you!

    Thank you kindly,
    Mona N

  3. May I just say what a relief to uncover somebody who really understands what they are discussing on the net. You actually understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people need to look at this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised you’re not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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