Dear Facebook, please don’t turn into a bigger mess than you already are.

I’m seeing Facebook announces “Great Apps”, “new tools” stories everywhere and I can’t be the only who doesn’t care about it… am I? Actually, the first thought that came to mind was do.not.want. I don’t know about you, but I’ve yet to come across an application I would actually log into Facebook for.

Seriously.. how useless are these applications?

for sale invitations?
Huh? What am I? A prostitute??

Lovable and flirtable invitations?
How in the world do I flirt or send virtual love?
What is this?

The “green patch” application seems quite popular since literally a day after I ignored all the requests, 17 new ones flooded in. I’m all for going ‘green’ but virtually caring for plants -since that’s what this application does, is USELESS.

Aside from the above, I am bombarded with hundreds of application invites. I ignore all of them. Needless to say, reading various articles about Facebook’s 2nd annual developer’s conference (or f8, as named by Facebook) and their future plans… I’m sorry but I’m not as excited as a lot of people seem to be.

I like Facebook the way it is. Simple.

Yes it’s a Social Networking site, but to me, it’s a place to connect and re-connect with old colleagues, child hood friends, college friends, and even old teachers. Not a place to spend my day socializing.

With Facebook Connect coming out in a few weeks and talks about partnerships and advertisers, for someone not in this industry like me, automatically translates to more ads and more effort into figuring out how to hide all new options and features. NO THANKS

I’m also afraid it would be too busy and confusing to appeal to the people I log into Facebook for. The masses. If I wanted to interact socially with people who like virtually socializing, there are plenty of sites that allow me to do so. I mean, isn’t that what Myspace, Twitter, and FriendFeed are for?

What do you think? What do you use Facebook for? Do you use applications? If so, what’re your favorites?


7 thoughts on “Dear Facebook, please don’t turn into a bigger mess than you already are.

  1. Hi Mona,

    I use Facebook to connect with some family and my high school and college buddies. LinkedIn on a personal level is exactly what it means to me.

    As for applications, I kinda disagree. There are a few FB games I like that I play against some friends, but they take less than 5 minutes out of my day. I also like sharing funny videos and LOLcats with my friends, so the funwall is OK, but I am not the kind of FB user that sends a ton of crap on a daily basis. I send stuff like 2 times a week, 3 times a week at most.

    Except for these FB games and the funwall and SuperPoking friends, I don’t enjoy living in FB at all, it’s a mindless and stupid site (but scads less stupid than that POS MySpace roach motel.) A few minutes a day to keep in touch with family and friends is more than enough. I don’t play all the mindless videos and don’t read everything that’s posted to my wall because it’s just stupid waste of time. I don’t feel any closer to my friends because of it. As a matter of fact, I wish they’d spend some time really saying something than just sending me shit.

    I am with you totally on the subject of virtually caring for plants, it is useless. There are actually people out there that think they’re doing good for the environment by sending virtual plants to friends on Facebook! Wha?!? Mindless stupid sheep. :-)

  2. Oh, one more thing. I enjoy sending messages to my friends through Facebook because they spend so much time there, it is almost guaranteed they’ll read it and reply. They don’t always reply to email send directly. And I like leaving comments when they upload photos. That’s how I mostly keep up with them.

  3. PJ: thank you so much for stopping by and for the thoughtful response! I love feedback and it’s nice to hear how other people use the site… i DO agree with the Super Poking thing… I mean where else can you drop-kick a colleague, chuck gummy bears at an ex boyfriend, and b*tch slap your old teacher? LOL

    I also think FB for mobile is great. Since it’s really ‘light’ per se and fits my needs. Messaging and adding/confirming friends. Log in and log out.

    When I read articles on FB’s direction, FB Connect, I see it heading towards the POS Myspace Roach Motel <–LOL@that!! hahahahahah! And it highly irritates me that Facebook is going to become more confusing than it already is…. I can’t STAND the over haul (actually immediately reverted back to the ‘old style’) and now it’s going to be busier than ever =\

    I just wish Facebook looked at its audience more and furthered development to fit our needs… Oh well. At least we have FF LOL

  4. Finally sat down to read your blog from start to finish, and it’s hilarious! I love your style. Go grrlll… And don’t care about the spelling. Thousands of people can spell. How many are interesting to read?

    Agree with your bit about Facebook being good to connect with “old colleagues, child hood friends, college friends, and even old teachers.”

    I love going on Facebook and seeing 3 new photo albums from friends – (1) Traveling in India (2) Wedding (3) Dance production at college. That’s why I’m not dumping Facebook like a lot of FriendFeed people. Facebook’s mostly for my connections will real-life friends (who don’t use Twitter, just e-mail).

    Facebook and LinkedIn have also been amazing “white pages” ads for old friends. I just had a high-school friend from 26 yrs ago find me on LinkedIn. Two old employees just connected this week. Probably reconnnected with 100+ old college and high school friends/acquaintances in the past year.

    Only started Facebook last July because an Australian lady from Camp Fareta (an African dance camp in the Sierras) wanted some of my photos from our week of dancing….and it’s been great.

    Time to revisit my geek roots!


  5. Mitch: Thank you so much for taking the time to write out a thoughtful resonse :) And I’m RIGHT with you about touching base, connecting, re-connecting with friends. I just wish Facebook will quit making it so complicated :)

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