Back to the old Facebook – YES PLEASE

UPDATE: September 21st, 2011
If you want to go back to the Facebook pre September 21, 2011, change the language of the site to anything BUT English US. You can put it in British English (English UK).
Hope that helps.

The day after Facebook rolled out its redesign, I made a great discovery.


then by clicking that link on the upper right hand corner

after clicking that link on the upper right corner

+1 to Facebook for providing options.
I prefer the former. You?


73 thoughts on “Back to the old Facebook – YES PLEASE

  1. I just started using facebook and was getting used to it. I have no idea how to get around in this new one and the appearance is totally crappy. Will the retard who invented this change please go get a job flipping burgers and let someone with a bit of sense get this thing working so that we normal people can enjoy it again.

  2. Actually, you can still use the old facebook in some instances. For example, since the release of ‘Safari’ for windows, you can go to old facebook if you utilize the developer tools. Safari is a web browser made by apple and is totally free of charge.

    If you feel the need to use the old facebook still, download Safari ” “. Once you boot up the web browser, go to the drop down menu that says Developer, then user agent, then pick Internet Explorer 5.5. After you do this, browse to and it should be the old style with a banner that says “The new facebook is unavailable.”

    Hope this helps guys! JMR

  3. OR if you know your member / profile number, just type in number)/#/profile.php?id=(member number)

    Thanks JMR, that’s super useful info, too!!

  4. Thanks for Honor!! :)

    OMG…I hate that new layout – it sucks!!!! :o So complicated, can’t find any of the applications, all the pages look the’s lost all of the individuality. And has anyone else noticed how slow the new layout is to work? I’m on a VERY fast ADSL connection..the old FB works perfectly, fast, easy to navigate…but the new one…pffffffff…sooooooo slow!!!! Totally hate it!!! :( Can’t understand why they need to change something that works perfectly in the first place…to a ‘new’ design which is totally useless.

  5. i hate new facebook. i have discovered that some peoples facebook is still the old one. thats completely unfair.
    Does anyone have any hope we will get old facebook back?
    and i agree, its like what we do is being filtered and we are supposed to comform to this, and everyone be the same. i hate it soo much.. gawd.
    i want old facebook back :(

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  7. How come when I click the link to opt_out…it keeps redirecting me, and changing it to opt_in???
    Making me permanently stuck with the new.

  8. I dont care for the new face book it takes up to much time to do anything and it hard to find all the things I am looking for..The Old facebook was better and faster..please help me get the old facebook back..

  9. Hello, Mona, before it was as easy as you explained but now it is not possible. There is no option on the top right to change to the old version. Can anyone help me? Thnx. XX

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