2.0 -OMG they’re PURE genius!

So I read on that 2.0 launched. Apparently the new site is: 1. faster 2. easier to learn with an 3. updated, simpler interface. Awesome!
I took a trip over to the site, and indeed the UI is updated and simple. But something about it looked VAAAAAUGELY familiar. And it hit me.


Chris Pirillo‘s iphone app site

Aside from the obvious differences -header image, tags, and search fields.
Look at the similarities:

1. Both sites have tabbed pages
2. Both site have user votes
3. Both have unique log-ins AND free to sign up! :)

Delicious 2.0 launched its preview site in September… 2007. That’s almost nine months ago. A whole human being is developed in nine months!

It took Chris 5 minutes to build his site, on And um, Chris’ site is made specifically for the.. iPhone. The layout is the way it is, so it’s easy to navigate from mobile Safari…..

It took Delicious this long to well… launch that?

Then I realized: Delicious could be PURE genius. With the redesign, they don’t need two style sheets!! They just need that ONE site for easy iPhone access. They might have something, and be TOTALLY ahead of the game! HA

What do you think of the redesign? Do you use Delicious? If not, what bookmarking site do YOU use?


5 thoughts on “ 2.0 -OMG they’re PURE genius!

  1. I ran into an issue where’s FF plugin wasn’t working right with FireFox anymore or something like that. I was already about to try Diigo, so I just switched completely (Diigo makes this easy, you can even have it bookmark stuff in both).

    I like Diigo because I can highlight stuff and bookmark it with the annotations for a later blog post or something. You can also leave notes on random web pages and other Diigo users can read them.

  2. I have been using the service to post bookmarks to both Ma.gnolia and Delicious. It works pretty well. I really do like the annotation features of Diigo, but something about the site/service just didn’t work for me. I can’t really put my finger on it. I use a combination of Google Notebook and SharedCopy for annotating web pages now.

  3. Ya, it seems like Diigo’s the consensus (Thanks Rahsheen and PJ)… Sean, you’re gonna laugh. I have Mento -never logged into Ma.gnolia – but I never… bookmark LOL

    As much as I hate to admit it, you guys’ll fall over if you saw my bookmarks folder of my browser HAHA

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