Meanwhile, in other Non-Gmail Related News… I Called SF MOMA.

In case anyone’s wondering, a quick update regarding the Thomas Hawk SF MOMA fiasco. I called SF MOMA’s PR Department at 3:00 p.m. ish and politely inquired with two people on two separate phone calls:

  1. If they are aware of the Thomas Hawk incident.
  2. If they are planning to issue a statement.
  3. When they plan on doing so.
  4. Where they plan on issuing the statement.


  1. Yes, they are.
  2. Yes, they are.
  3. No exact ETA, but probably by the end of the day.
  4. Trying to decide which outlet to utilize.


Update @ 5:47 pm: I followed up with another individual in the PR Department and iterated that I am extremely eager in hearing their side of the story. This person kindly and politely informed me they are still working on the statement, and will release it as quickly as possible. I then asked (again): How will I know it’s posted?” She replied: “You will know, that’s all I can say at this time….. -pause-“, and we filled the awkward silence with simultaneous laughter.

Btw, all the conversations with the SF MOMA’s PR Department were amicable and positive.

9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in other Non-Gmail Related News… I Called SF MOMA.

  1. If someday I evar , get to SF ,,, two things I have to do .
    Go and visit this beautiful museum and hangout with TH .
    Hopefully by then this whole “cameras are evil notion” will subside .

  2. Thanks for following up on this. The only statement I’ve seen was one from the MOMA blogger on an unrelated post. People were commenting on the incident on this unrelated post because there was nowhere else to go, so Suzanne stated that she had no knowledge of the issue. We’ll see what happens.

  3. Definitely looking forward to hearing SF MOMA’s side and some sort of resolution :) Thanks for the comments guys!

  4. uh why should they comment on a hissy fit between two douches- hawk is way more to blame in this then blint or the museum, this has nothing to do with photography rights and everything to do with hawk’s ego – people on blogs seem to just be sheeps agreeing with anything they hear – as an artist im always apprehensive including other peoples images in my work – this was the issue an employee didn’t want her pic taken by this jerk, so her boss, albeit in a way too aggressive manner, asked him to stop and he didn’t so he was thrown out- thats it thats all. its funny when folks with so much privalege see it as there rights are being violated when they don’t get their way.

  5. dayv23: Think about this: HOW and WHY do you think he was able to get the story across to so many people? How do you think he attained the ‘privilege’ so to speak?

    And most importantly: in the end, did it really make a difference?

  6. ive thought about all of that and in the end it will make no difference and he’s just a bully who doesn’t respect other people’s rights while at the same time spouting about his own. his privilege comes from the fact that he is and acts like a typical white male not seeing the whole picture – pun
    again read my post this has nothing to do with what he claims is the problem

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