Apparently, I’m the Last Person in the World to Realize: Digg = USELESS

After speaking with two SF MOMA officials yesterday, I was anticipating a statement from them regarding their side of “the story.”

I just got off the phone with one of the SF MOMA PR reps – and they’re not releasing a statement.

I pushed for diggs via FriendFeed on Friday, and the story (unexpectedly) reached the front page of Digg. I assumed this would prompt SF MOMA to say something, ANYTHING about the ‘incident’.

I was wrong.

Reaching all these people, creating the buzz, getting all those diggs… did nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true, since it managed to do one thing: piss off a bunch of FriendFeeders.

I am NEVER utilizing Digg to spread news again.

Did I put my faith in the wrong resource? Perhaps the collective power of the Internet / social media / social networking isn’t as influential as I thought? Or could it simply be that the Internet’s influence is irrelevant for “real world” situations?

What’s the point of social news sites like Digg, beyond randomly driving temporary traffic spikes? Why then, might social news sites exist? And what’s the next step in the evolutionary chain?


10 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m the Last Person in the World to Realize: Digg = USELESS

  1. HA!

    I finally changed it yesterday from the ugly ass default. But yes, Shey, you and everyone are correct. Digg = USELESS. Man, I feel SO stupid.

  2. Nah, I wouldn’t say stupid. We all have to find out on our own at some point.

    BTW, does support Disqus or Intense Debate? WP comments = USELESS :P

  3. Steven & Shey: Ya, glad I found out sooner than later. Sheesh.

    And Shey, I’m too EFin cheap to pay for a domain LOL Free WordPress = No Disqus / Intense Debate. NO Customization, nothing! FAIL!

    …err I mean, useless! ;)

  4. Unfortunately, you’re absolutely right: Digg is a community centered around inaction rather than action; after all, it is a site that’s designed to provide the most interesting news of the day without having to go on a wild goose chase for it. As a result, it necessarily attracts laziness rather than effort for all but the most dedicated few.

    The sad truth about social networking, I fear, is that it only holds sway with those that subscribe themselves. For the mainstream MOMA, Digg holds less clout than a beggar in the street.

  5. Andy: Indeed. I wonder if Social News sites will ever reach the point to where it’s influential as say, The New York Times…

    Thanks for your insight :)

  6. I heard a nationally known techno-guru say during an interview recently that the median age of the average DIGG user was 12. After evaluating the culture over there, I’d have to agree.

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