Sushi Wedding Cake: Gross or WANT?

Ok. I am Japanese. I love sushi.
But I’m not sure if I love sushi THIS much. That up there, is ALL sorts of wrong!

  1. What IS that green stuff sprinkled all over the top? Raw spinach? Broccoli leaves? Weed from an untamed garden? Seriously. GROSS
  2. What in the Sam Hill are those beans? Giant peas? Cut up brussel sprouts? Lima beans? Or rotten kidney beans? They are too big to be edamame!
  3. Are those cantaloupe wedges on the side? I’m sorry, but avocados are not that huge!
  4. How long is that ‘cake’ going to sit out there? Food poisoning, anyone?
  5. I believe that is salmon, maguro (tuna), topped with hamachi. Separately, they’re semi-edible, but tiered like that? ugh, can you say fishy?

I feel bad sounding like a hater, but that is just gross.
Would YOU have a sushi wedding cake? Y or N
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11 thoughts on “Sushi Wedding Cake: Gross or WANT?

  1. I agree with you. It’s way too much. I like the idea, but the enormity of it is overwhelming. Maybe small individual sushi using a round musubi press to make little sushi cupcakes.

  2. Hehe, I think those are edamame and avocado! I think that because look at the tube of wasabi paste back there; those tubes are only 4 inches long =] I’d eat the “cake,” but only if it was kept really really chilly! <3

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