I’m Already on FriendFeed, What’s the Point of SweetCron?

Last night, SweetCron was released and my friend Sean was one of the first who had it up and running. Go Sean! :)

In a nutshell, SweetCron is free Open Source lifestreaming software. It automatically imports images, videos, and texts, from various websites you’re signed up for, and consolidates them in one place.

So why would you even bother with another one of those sites?
Especially, if you’re on FriendFeed.

Well, I spend 95% of my days at FriendFeed –seriously. I reaaaally don’t need another aggregator. But I do. I’m planning to run SweetCron for a personal website. It would make it easy for my non FriendFeeder friends to keep up with my life, since (as much as I am a devotee), FriendFeed can be overwhelming. There’s tons of conversational threads, random dumpage of information, everything I love about it, my non-internet savvy friends don’t. (I tried getting a few to sign up)

I’m extremely excited about SweetCron since:

  1. SweetCron is very visual. The RSS feeds pull in media (images, video, etc). To see a live demo, visit the creator Yongfook’s site. His website is powered by SweetCron :)
  2. It’s for self-hosted sites, meaning I have control of a lot of things. (read: I can choose my own domain name +1!)
  3. And it’s easy on the eyes. Very simple and self explanatory — both front / back ends, and most importantly, for the users. People can jump on the site and start clicking around :)

Take a look at some of his screen shot videos:

Pretty neat, huh? Just like Dave, I think it’s going to be “pretty Fooking Huge“, too LOL.

Um, now all I need is a domain name. Does anyone have ideas / suggestions?

23 thoughts on “I’m Already on FriendFeed, What’s the Point of SweetCron?

  1. It’s awesome because you can add whatever feed you choose and you control it, instead of waiting for FriendFeed to incorporate it.

    Go purchase a domain name, I can give you FTP and MySQL if you want.

  2. Sean: Got it

    Kornbread: ya, i’m still deciding ;) Can’t wait to see yours, join the FF Sweetcron room, it’s ROCKIN

  3. I’m completely impressed with Sweetcron. Developers everywhere please give me, the lifestreamer, total control over what I want to include in my stream. At times, I cross post on Twitter, Rejaw, Identi.ca, and so on. With Sweetcron, I can edit, delete, or unpublish items in the stream as I choose. It’s my life and Sweetcron helps me tell my story.

  4. Anthony: That was the most insightful feedback I’ve heard so far :) Thank you so much for taking the time to come here and share your thoughts.

    User controlled software FTW!

  5. It’s early days for SweetCron and FriendFeed certainly has the community, led by you Mona, but I can’t wait to see how people mash-up SweetCron with WordPress, Google, Ning and others.

    As you rightly say, it’s good for your personal site, but it will be how the community uses and changes SweetCron that will make or break it over the coming months.

  6. Andy: Thank you kindly for the words. It’s the community, and not me, helping each other out :) See why I LOVE FriendFeed so much?

    I’m actually really excited for the progression of SweetCron too. — even if I introduced it in an extremely absurd way ;)

  7. I love it because *I* can host it. What, the identi.ca engine Laconica is IT for self hosted Twitter things? Where’s the self hosted Facebook and all that. That’s the thing I like the most. It’s mine. Thank you yongfook!

  8. Spoiled brat! And go thank Yongfook yourself, I’m not his answering machine! :P

    i ‘like’ Eric Rice
    oh my wow, that rhymes!

  9. I have to say, every time I come to pixelbits.wordpress.com you have another fascinating article to read. A friend of mine was telling me about this topic a few weeks ago, so I think I’ll send my friend the link here and see what they say.

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