Mini-fig Mona Frying Bacon

OMG!! This was saved as a draft, wtf!

Moving on… A week ago, Chris Pirillo launched his community: Since I’m a huge Geek, I HAD to join… and his site is quite the community. In less than a week, more than 2,000 users signed up, but what surprised me the most is the range of interests and how it’s not tech / IT exclusive. The community is extremely active with tons of pictures, videos, forum topics, the groups OMG! They range from: Hardware, Software, Google, Food (sushi, cheese, Gummi Bears (!), to ramen), sports, music, funny pictures, toys, and even an 80’s Cartoon TV show group.

Since the list goes on and on, I’m going to stop here, but I find myself on quite often. :) The YouTube video of me frying bacon, was made by one of the members of the site who makes LEGO Brick Films, Spudster45. See his videos here. Anyway, it’s a pretty cool site. Check it out. :)


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