Google’s Un-official Unix Shell

My new love = goosh.

Found via, goosh is “the unofficial google shell google-interface that behaves similar to a unix-shell” ….basically, it combines Google’s searching super powers with the simplicity of command lines. Take a look:


Veeeeery UNIXish

And the results are displayed exactly like Google’s….. minus clutter.



above is Google (duh)
and goosh (points below)



Green, blue, black, and purple for visited links. Rad

Sidenote: Dear Mr. Stefan Grothkopp (the creator), I noticed and appreciate the same color linkage since I’m so used to the colors ;). It’s the little things!

Moving on….
More awesomeness is that blogs, images, video, RSS feeds, and wiki are searchable by one key command. Soooooo say I need a map to say… Astor Place, in the East Village of New York, right? I just punch ‘place Astor Place, New York’ and bam!



The map pops up.. nice!

Btw ‘place Astor Place’..? how redundant. ugh @ myself

Another cool thing is localized searches in your language.
I’m Japanese so: Command + “ja” <–Japanese, pulls up Google results from Look!

First search = test; Second = ‘nihongo’ or Japanese
So much awesomeness!

AND! By simply typing ‘h’, ‘?’, ‘man’, or ‘help’

The commands pops up. WOW. How bad ass!

RSS feed searchability is definitely one of my favorites. I also like how I can search within sites with one commend… and bottomline, for an avid 2.0er (like me), goosh is perfect when I feel like google’ing with no distracting extras.

I admit, goosh is more novelty – kind of a way to make me look geekier than I really am…? Since true skeleton surfing would include ‘$’ (dollar signs) and other symbols necessary for engines like these -> or
Hey, at least I keep it real!

In the meantime, I still want to believe I’ve been upgraded from ‘geek’ to ‘nerd’. HA ;)

Update: Read Louis Gray’s on goosh: “Goosh: A Command-Line Google for Geeks-” . It’s clearer than mine. ha!


8 thoughts on “ Google’s Un-official Unix Shell

  1. Hey, Jonathan. I publicly broke it off with Firefox and now a Safari convert. ;) But yes, I tried Ubiquity and liked it – but I’m a fan of obscure sites / services!

    Thanks for the comment,
    Mona. :)

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