Seven Tips for the Recently Laid Geek via BBspot

Follow these tips, and whether it’s your first time or your second time, they’ll make for a better post-coitus experience…

  1. Act like you’ve been there before – You’ve seen enough movies where the geek gets the girl, in fact those are probably your favorite genre of movie even surpassing comic-book superhero adaptations. High fives and end zone dances are amateurish. Show some class.
  2. Don’t post video – I know it’s tempting to post the secret webcam video you took of the event when someone asks for proof, but this could result in you being a recently-broken up geek when he or she finds the video. Or the recently-beaten to death geek which would be much worse.
  3. Stay in bed for at least ten minutes after – The guys in the guild will understand if you’re late for the raid on Blackwing Lair, but you might not get that kind of understanding from your partner.
  4. Facebook Status – Post-coitus don’t change your Facebook status to “<ME> has recently orgasmed.” You’ve probably friended your mom or your boss or your sister and they really don’t need that information.
  5. Save the rating for later – No matter how great it was, don’t tell him/her “5 stars. Would boink again!!!!” Save that for the nearly empty private journal you’ve been keeping since high school.
  6. Waste Disposal – Don’t forget drop the used condom in the Aperture Science Emergency Condom Incinerator before leaving. It takes away the worry about unexpected discovery by a third party, and keeps your room smelling of moldy pizza instead of, well, sex.
  7. Stop the Science Talk – People don’t want to hear about the biology, physics, or mathematics of what just happened. Save that for your thesis.

via BBspot – Seven Tips for the Recently Laid Geek


So spill. Anyone guilty of one of those offenses?
Don’t worry — your secret’s safe with me. ;)

Android Peeks – Switching Between Applications (YouTube)

Background apps and multi processing ftw!

That channel also has several neat Android app demos. The one that caught my eye was Compare Everywhere. The dev pieced several APIs to efficiently geolocate, shop, and compare products — and it only took him two weeks to write it. HOT. Quick description taken from their site:

CompareEverywhere is a Google Android app that will change the way you shop forever.

  • Scan any barcode and instantly search dozens of online and local stores, finding out if that “sale price” really is a good deal.
  • Read product reviews, listen to music clips, and watch movie trailers with a single tap.
  • Easily connect with stores in your area using driving directions or a phone call.
  • Quickly build shopping lists, wish lists, and share them with friends.

Edit: Added Compare Everywhere video after jump.

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Ajax Wiki Search: So. Much. Awesome.

OMG why didn’t I find this sooner? It’s a Wiki search site in Ajax that uses Google’s API. The search results are displayed column style on the left hand side of the page. The site is self explanatory, so I’ll let the screen grabs do all the talking. Click the thumbnail on the left to see bigger image. Below is a screen grab of an actual search result.

It’s so much easier and simpler to navigate than just WIKIing. Btw, latter is not an actual word, but if Googling is a verb, WIKIing should be, too. And I know “WIKI” shouldn’t be in CAPS but it’s MY blog and I can acronym however I want to, thank you very much! ;)

Anyway, bookmark it. STAT!

Monitter: Real Time #search Twitter Updates (Web App)

I came across and wow, it might make me use Twitter more.

What made me stop and check the site out, was the UI. I have NO patience for hunting and pecking to learn how to use a site. I certainly don’t read help or about pages to learn how to use the site. So I am a huge fan of intuitive UIs — opening the site and jumping right in. Monitter is exactly that, and became an instant fan.

Monitter is independent from 3rd party apps like Adobe Air! And beyond the interface, the features are useful. It’s like TweetDeck, except it’s web based. Has a search engine like Summarize, but updates Real Time and customizable.

Some more additonal features and funtions:

  • Default layout is three columns — but adjustable. Each column queries its own #search based on the Twitter API. You can add up to as many columns of keyword Tweets as you want. (I stopped adding columns at 10, since they’re vertically displayed)
  • Location searches: You can set Monitter to only display Tweets within X miles of X location. Neat
  • Language: Set Monitter to display Tweets in four languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, and French. (no Asian language support — yet)
  • Free embeddable widget for your site. (I downloaded it but it’s kinda huge (dimension wise) — no thanks)
  • As a bonus, it’s written in jQuery. (I’m a fan)

Conclusion: A definite must check out.
I like it more than TweetDeck, Twhirl, Summarize, and any other Twitter app I’ve used.

Do you use Twitter? If so, what’re your favorite Twitter apps?

Pay to Be Ignored By Apple -YAY!

“The iPhone SDK’s NDA may have been relaxed several weeks ago, but Apple has just launched a forum for iPhone developers as part of its Developer Connection program.

Marked as being in “beta”, the forums are for members only – specifically, those in the iPhone Developer Standard Program, Enterprise Program, or University Program. You can log in using your Apple ID and password associated with your iPhone developer account.”

So not only do consumers get ignored by Apple, now devs can pay to get ignored by Apple and kvetch amongst themselves on the β forum. Hooray! How productive!

-rolls eyes-

via Apple Opens iPhone Developer Forums

Heros and Monday Night Football Rudely Interrupted by Microsoft’s Ads = GOLD

Taken from the Onion:

“The Microsoft ads, which began airing earlier this week, are being blamed for generating critical system errors in more than 70 million televisions. In addition, thousands of frustrated Americans said that the ads have caused their TVs to become unresponsive, their screens to turn blue, and a small box with the message “terminal application error” to suddenly appear.

“I was in the middle of watching Monday Night Football when, all of a sudden, that stupid ad comes on and my TV freezes up,” said Scottsdale, AZ resident Michael Chaplin, adding that he never wanted to see the commercial in the first place. “The next thing I know, all these numbers and symbols show up and I get an error message saying ‘invalid file format’ or something. Now my TV is ruined.”

The new ad campaign, which features footage of everyday Americans using PCs, was launched as an upgrade to the poorly performing Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates commercials, which suffered unspecified failures in two-thirds of U.S. households.” via “Microsoft Ad Campaign CrashingNation’s Televisions” The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

OMG I haven’t laughed this hard in a while… my stomach hurts. Poor Microsoft. Not only were the Seinfeld-Gates ads EPIC FAILs, they crashed national television. NATIONAL TV!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA -breathe- HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Mk, I think I’m done.

Have a nice day.


Tip’d + Chris Pearson + Economy + Web = LEGIT

It’s Monday morning –again. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t want to read any serious stuff to start your week, but this is too good not to share. Backstory: I stumbled across and the very first article I read was so legit, I decided to re-blog and quote the author / owner Chris Pearson’s words.

“To be sure, the root cause of a majority of the US’s economic problems is a general lack of understanding of fundamental economic principles, both in Washington and in the average American household. Obviously, this is a huge problem, and the only real long-term solution requires an increase in the baseline level of economic understanding.

Educating the masses is no small task, but as the Internet continues to grow, so too does the efficiency of information exchange. The main benefit of this increased efficiency is that people have more collective knowledge at their fingertips, and therefore, they also have the ability to learn more things faster than ever before.

No matter what political party you choose to endorse, know this—the real hope for our future lies in education, not in tax breaks, health care reform, or any other “policy” you care to name.”

via Pearsonified

This man speaks the truth.
Plus, Tip’d is neat. It’s a new Social Network site specifically for financial / economic news. Users can submit and vote on stories like digg or Reddit. So if you’re looking for a financial hub, this is the place for you. It’s still brand new but I’ve been poking around for the past 15 minutes and already bookmarked a few informative articles. Go check it out. :)
/end of food for thought

Speed Test: iPhone 3G vs. T-mobile G1 (YouTube)

The results don’t surprise me. At all.

I’m not quite sure what people expect performance wise of American 3G networks, but from experience, my expectations have been and still low. 3G works well in large metro cities, since a lot of cell towers are situated closer, so losing signal is less likely. If I lived in a rural area, there is no way I would invest in 3g — especially on AT and T.

I did a 2g vs 3g write up back in June. 98% of the post is still relevant (Since Android wasn’t out yet and Firefox’s new mobile browser just launched, so they’re not included) If you’re interested, I pasted the blog after the jump. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. :)

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Texas = BBQ, != Sushi

Contrary to what people believe, I am NOT a sushi snob. My levels of expectation per restaurant, geographic location, and restaurant differ. Just like how Mexican food has various establishements ie: Taco Bell, Chipotle, a hole in the wall taqueria, and a sit down restaurant are all “Mexican”, I don’t expect the same quality — do you? I don’t. And generally I’m pretty open minded when it comes to sushi. But Wazabi’s menu looks… well… wow.

via Wazabi – Sushi Bar

Do you see all the wrongs here?

  1. The lemon is carved into a teddy bear. A teddy bear! A stuffed animal! wtf!
  2. The second plate from the top is quite a mystery. I can’t decipher 98% of the food… and I’m Japanese! Is that… ketchup? On top of egg? WOW
  3. Are the rolls on the pink plate throwing up? :( And what is that goo all around it?
  4. The last plate is exploding with… sauces? I don’t know *what* that is and *why* the rolls are drowning in yellow stuff but soggy, saturated rice = Do Not Want!
I’m sorry (not really) but Texans? Please stick to BBQ. :\

Australian Bacon = WRONG

I’m sorry (well not really) but Australians do not know what bacon is.

What is that?! Looks more like ham to me. via Melbourne, Australia on Flickr – Photo Sharing


Upon more Googling, I also found Australians combine bananas with bacon. BANANAS? Ew, are you kidding me? Sure bacon and bananas both start with the letter “b”, but that is no excuse to serve the two together. UGH.

The clustermess of flavors aside, at least the photo is…um…pretty…? Still. That seems yucky. And outright wrong. (via tao of bacon) I also found an action video of Australian bacon cooking — McDonald’s style. Watch if you dare here.

These are the times I’m glad American bacon is… well… bacon. ;)