Handcrafted iPhone Worth More Than a Real One -WTF

I seriously thought I’ve seen it all, until this. A needle craft iPhone worth more than an actual iPhone! Now please, don’t get me wrong. I respect the hard work that goes into crafting but really? Two hundred fifty-five dollars? TWO HUNDRED and FIFTY FIVE! Wow.

I can’t be the only one that thinks this is absurd – or am I?
Would YOU pay that much for this?

At any rate, there is two more days left. This item is definitely going into my watch list. See more pictures after cut.



One thought on “Handcrafted iPhone Worth More Than a Real One -WTF

  1. You’d be surprised what craftwork like this can go for. Quilts, wall hangings, needlepoint, etc. can go for quite a tidy sum in the right markets, made by the right artists.

    I suspect something like this took about 3-4 hours to create. Add on a premium the seller most likely knows an iPhone aficionado will pay and it might be bordering on a fair price, believe it or not.

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