If the Candidates were Game Systems

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One thought on “If the Candidates were Game Systems

  1. Okay, here is how I read this. The only one I even get is Obama….

    Obama: A system loved by all with some nifty new features, but it can’t handle a load and is simply loved for a great new way of doing things, but even the new way it copied largely from others.

    Biden: The powerhouse that can play some serious games and can even do some real processing, but it is out of the price ranges of many.

    McCain: A revolutionary system that placed gaming in the homes of many. It is very reliable and still often works today, and some of its concepts are still alive today.

    Palin: An early system meant to encourage literacy in young children while having a new fun environment using them groundbreaking technology. Now it is still loved as a novelty item by being used in songs and movies.

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