Texas = BBQ, != Sushi

Contrary to what people believe, I am NOT a sushi snob. My levels of expectation per restaurant, geographic location, and restaurant differ. Just like how Mexican food has various establishements ie: Taco Bell, Chipotle, a hole in the wall taqueria, and a sit down restaurant are all “Mexican”, I don’t expect the same quality — do you? I don’t. And generally I’m pretty open minded when it comes to sushi. But Wazabi’s menu looks… well… wow.

via Wazabi – Sushi Bar

Do you see all the wrongs here?

  1. The lemon is carved into a teddy bear. A teddy bear! A stuffed animal! wtf!
  2. The second plate from the top is quite a mystery. I can’t decipher 98% of the food… and I’m Japanese! Is that… ketchup? On top of egg? WOW
  3. Are the rolls on the pink plate throwing up? :( And what is that goo all around it?
  4. The last plate is exploding with… sauces? I don’t know *what* that is and *why* the rolls are drowning in yellow stuff but soggy, saturated rice = Do Not Want!
I’m sorry (not really) but Texans? Please stick to BBQ. :\

2 thoughts on “Texas = BBQ, != Sushi

  1. Whoa. What are those??? #2 looks vaguely like Omu-raisu with blue tortilla chips and guac. #3: flattened hot dogs with rolling pin. #4: alien skull w/ upside down red fez on top of bloody circular saw blade.

  2. thank you for visiting my site !!!! I too am japaneese and a third generation chef ! oppinions are appreciated although dont knock it untill you try it ! Ignorance is contagious ! by the way…… the sauce …well they are “traditional ” and a soy substitute ! oh and the bear …… its an orange not a lemon :)

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