Heros and Monday Night Football Rudely Interrupted by Microsoft’s Ads = GOLD

Taken from the Onion:

“The Microsoft ads, which began airing earlier this week, are being blamed for generating critical system errors in more than 70 million televisions. In addition, thousands of frustrated Americans said that the ads have caused their TVs to become unresponsive, their screens to turn blue, and a small box with the message “terminal application error” to suddenly appear.

“I was in the middle of watching Monday Night Football when, all of a sudden, that stupid ad comes on and my TV freezes up,” said Scottsdale, AZ resident Michael Chaplin, adding that he never wanted to see the commercial in the first place. “The next thing I know, all these numbers and symbols show up and I get an error message saying ‘invalid file format’ or something. Now my TV is ruined.”

The new ad campaign, which features footage of everyday Americans using PCs, was launched as an upgrade to the poorly performing Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates commercials, which suffered unspecified failures in two-thirds of U.S. households.” via “Microsoft Ad Campaign CrashingNation’s Televisions” The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

OMG I haven’t laughed this hard in a while… my stomach hurts. Poor Microsoft. Not only were the Seinfeld-Gates ads EPIC FAILs, they crashed national television. NATIONAL TV!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA -breathe- HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Mk, I think I’m done.

Have a nice day.



2 thoughts on “Heros and Monday Night Football Rudely Interrupted by Microsoft’s Ads = GOLD

  1. Sort of comparable story happening here in amsterdam like once in 3-4 days on trams, the pretty gpf messagebox from ms in the middle of new/ads screens on 80% of screens on board. Prolly to show off that the ad biz is overrated and they really need the grants from govt. ;-)

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