Tip’d + Chris Pearson + Economy + Web = LEGIT

It’s Monday morning –again. If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t want to read any serious stuff to start your week, but this is too good not to share. Backstory: I stumbled across pearsonified.com and the very first article I read was so legit, I decided to re-blog and quote the author / owner Chris Pearson’s words.

“To be sure, the root cause of a majority of the US’s economic problems is a general lack of understanding of fundamental economic principles, both in Washington and in the average American household. Obviously, this is a huge problem, and the only real long-term solution requires an increase in the baseline level of economic understanding.

Educating the masses is no small task, but as the Internet continues to grow, so too does the efficiency of information exchange. The main benefit of this increased efficiency is that people have more collective knowledge at their fingertips, and therefore, they also have the ability to learn more things faster than ever before.

No matter what political party you choose to endorse, know this—the real hope for our future lies in education, not in tax breaks, health care reform, or any other “policy” you care to name.”

via Pearsonified

This man speaks the truth.
Plus, Tip’d is neat. It’s a new Social Network site specifically for financial / economic news. Users can submit and vote on stories like digg or Reddit. So if you’re looking for a financial hub, this is the place for you. It’s still brand new but I’ve been poking around for the past 15 minutes and already bookmarked a few informative articles. Go check it out. :)
/end of food for thought


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