WTF is This HOT MESS, Facebook?

So I just subscribed to Facebook’s Engineering Notes via GReader, right?
I opened up the Reader and LOLd.

Seriously. WTF?

How do they expect to be taken seriously if their “official” blog is a FREAKIN’ mess on readers. How is that ok? Don’t they care?

I am truly truly baffled.


4 thoughts on “WTF is This HOT MESS, Facebook?

  1. Because facebook is a mess. I tried to remove my relationship status from the page and facebook told everyone I’m not single anymore. Now the hordes are pounding at the door wanting to know who it is. :(

  2. LOL. I changed my status to “Married” by accident and people left me “Congratulations” and “THANKS FOR INVITING ME” comments on my wall.

    And yes, Facebook is a mess.

  3. Try visiting the actual Engineering Blog that you linked to again. The screenshot you show is a problem with Google Reader, where it munges up formatting of some of the content it displays occasionally. I’ve seen this happen with a few other feeds as well. SO not sure this is actually Facebook’s fault or not.

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