Monitter: Real Time #search Twitter Updates (Web App)

I came across and wow, it might make me use Twitter more.

What made me stop and check the site out, was the UI. I have NO patience for hunting and pecking to learn how to use a site. I certainly don’t read help or about pages to learn how to use the site. So I am a huge fan of intuitive UIs — opening the site and jumping right in. Monitter is exactly that, and became an instant fan.

Monitter is independent from 3rd party apps like Adobe Air! And beyond the interface, the features are useful. It’s like TweetDeck, except it’s web based. Has a search engine like Summarize, but updates Real Time and customizable.

Some more additonal features and funtions:

  • Default layout is three columns — but adjustable. Each column queries its own #search based on the Twitter API. You can add up to as many columns of keyword Tweets as you want. (I stopped adding columns at 10, since they’re vertically displayed)
  • Location searches: You can set Monitter to only display Tweets within X miles of X location. Neat
  • Language: Set Monitter to display Tweets in four languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, and French. (no Asian language support — yet)
  • Free embeddable widget for your site. (I downloaded it but it’s kinda huge (dimension wise) — no thanks)
  • As a bonus, it’s written in jQuery. (I’m a fan)

Conclusion: A definite must check out.
I like it more than TweetDeck, Twhirl, Summarize, and any other Twitter app I’ve used.

Do you use Twitter? If so, what’re your favorite Twitter apps?


2 thoughts on “Monitter: Real Time #search Twitter Updates (Web App)

  1. I just googled and saw RWW wrote about it a LONG time ago LOL. Better late than never though! Thanks for the comment, Sarah. :)

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