Android Peeks – Switching Between Applications (YouTube)

Background apps and multi processing ftw!

That channel also has several neat Android app demos. The one that caught my eye was Compare Everywhere. The dev pieced several APIs to efficiently geolocate, shop, and compare products — and it only took him two weeks to write it. HOT. Quick description taken from their site:

CompareEverywhere is a Google Android app that will change the way you shop forever.

  • Scan any barcode and instantly search dozens of online and local stores, finding out if that “sale price” really is a good deal.
  • Read product reviews, listen to music clips, and watch movie trailers with a single tap.
  • Easily connect with stores in your area using driving directions or a phone call.
  • Quickly build shopping lists, wish lists, and share them with friends.

Edit: Added Compare Everywhere video after jump.

Pretty neat. I think I want an Android phone.
Click for Compare Everywhere.
Click for switching applications.

3 thoughts on “Android Peeks – Switching Between Applications (YouTube)

  1. I wish Apple opened up a little more so we can feel more involved.

    Thanks for the comment, J. Phil… and happy belated! :D

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