March of the (Edible) Penguins (!)

Recently, I’ve taken a slight fascination to waffles – only slight, since my number one breakfast food of choice is bacon, of course. But man, this little penguin waffle maker gives me incentive into becoming a… waffle connoisseur?

Oh, who am I kidding. These are just cute. And I want them because I love penguins, and I want my breakfast waffles to… march!

More pictures after the jump. link -Thanks, Andypandybearatelo! :) Oh, and please excuse the excessive parentheses in the title. Today is a parentheses kind of day!


One thought on “March of the (Edible) Penguins (!)

  1. Whoah looks like a real thing thinggy for the linux geeks out there. Ahha, seems more reasonable now for “snackies were giving me eyes, so I decided to crunch em give em a crunch”. ;-)

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