Quit Selling This Bastard Off-Spring Bootleg LEGO

15524614_00_bFor those who know me, you KNOW I am ALL about LEGO. My feed (on FriendFeed) is FILLED with LEGO. I kinda slack here, but there are LEGO posts, too. My hero? Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo, who went to the EFin LEGO factory in Europe. (OMG OMG OMG!!). And my biggest dream was to build the mother f*ckin 3.8k Death Star w/ Chris Pirillo.

I am FAR from a LEGO hater. BUT this thing is just… WRONG.

It doesn’t even look like LEGO! It’s generic, there’s something wrong with the finish, and the colors are simply ATROCIOUS.

It sorta reminds me of a missile pop or dollar store 4th of July decoration… on further thought, it’s like a patriotic cake gone horribly wrong. That thing pictured, truly hurts my feelings.

Urban Outfitters, please quit spreading this ugliness. LEGO is way too sacred to be tainted!!!!!!!



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