Why I Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Work from Home

just-say-no+ Chips.
+ More chips.
+ Eating two bags of the “more” chips purchased on sale at Target.
+ Finishing 2.5 bags of chips – in one sitting. (Whaaaaat? Don’t judge me! The bag of chips stare at me, and am too cheap to buy stuff from vending machines. :|)
+ Re-runs of Gossip Girl and Top Chef.
+ Blasting music and getting sidetracked by dancing.
And the worst:
+ Shower? Why??

And I wonder why I’m single… FAIL!

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8 thoughts on “Why I Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Work from Home

  1. Why you should work from home:

    – excellent commute time
    – you can conduct business in your jammies if you wanted
    – brew a cuppa, bring it from kitchen to desk, no more stops at Starbucks
    – you can have chips whenever you wanna

    and the best?
    – Shower? Who needs ’em, anyway?

  2. Did your Mom ever put that nasty stuff on your nails to stop you biting them as a kid? Put it on your chips. That should do it. I would say put it on the remote but I’m guessing you don’t operate that with your tongue so it might not have the same impact…

    P.s. they’re called crisps ;o)

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