You Guys are NOT My Friends, Damnit!!

All you people that call yourselves my “friend”?


Every. single. one of you!!

Look, it’s no secret I’m not a writer, but if and when you see a typo, spelling or grammatical error, it is your responsibility as a literate person and friend to TELL ME.

Do you guys secretly enjoy seeing me look like an idiot?

Seriously, if I were in YOUR shoes, I would TOTALLY tell you – discreetly. You know, send an IM? Or what about this super duper high tech thing called e-mail? Perhaps even on FriendFeed.

Am I asking too much?

…ok, maybe I’m being dramatic. I don’t want to be put on blast, but wouldn’t you want someone to tell you? Only one person (publicly) corrected me – Yolanda. And THAT’S why Yolanda rules and I hate you all!


6 thoughts on “You Guys are NOT My Friends, Damnit!!

  1. Now that we know it’s what you want, we’ll all start correcting you. You should know though, that you’re the exception to the rule – most people HATE having their use of language corrected.

    Most times, if I see a typo, I assume it’s just that and ignore it

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