Open Letter to Vending Machine Filler Upper People


Dear Vending Machine Filler Upper People,

First, I would like to thank you for all of your hard work. It seems strenuous on body parts to lift boxes, and fill up respective rows. Second, it seems like such a pain to go to every floor of buildings to refill the machines. So I appreciate all of your hardwork.

That said, I have one request, and one request only.

Is it too much to ask to please please please fill the respective rows with only like kind snacks? That picture above, is only one instance of the various times the one bag of chips I truly want, is rudely blocked by a bag of gross chips I do not want.

When this happens, it is a huge dilemma, since I only have two options.

  1. Refrain from chip consumption or
  2. Purchase two bags of chips

Options one and or two are normally exercised but when I am obliterated and insanely craving chips, it is a whole ‘nother story.

When I am drunk I have even less shame than normal, and have tread the lines of border line vandalizing – all for a measly bag of chips. Countless times, I have shaken machines, in hopes the bag of chips I don’t want magically falls down OR disappears without purchasing, to clear the way for the chips I do want – which does not happen often.

So I resort to “Operation- Emergency-Want-Chips-NOW-I-am-Feeling-Bold-and-Will-Do-Whatever-It-Takes-to-Get-the-Bag-of- Chips-I-Want” option two: Shamelessly ask a stranger to purchase a bag of chips they didn’t know they wanted. It normally works and I end up with the bag of chips I want, but as I sit here reflecting upon my (shameful) actions, I do not want to con innocent strangers into purchasing unhealthy foods if I can help it.

Hence, it would be greatly and deeply appreciated, not to mention a wonderful public service to the unfortunate strangers that may potentially be conned by me, if the machines were filled in uniform. If you need help and you see me around, I will be more than glad to lend a hand. After all, this is my cause as well.

Hopefully I am not overstepping boundaries by reaching out to the vending machine filler upper employee community.
Thank you in advance, and have a fabulous day.
Kindest regards,
Mona N.

ps: Since I’m feeling a little bold, if you can rid black licorice completely to make room for something yummier, my life would be complete. Who eats black licorice anyway?

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