Countdown to Christmas: 5 Gift Ideas For Your Colleagues

Christmas is coming and people are bugging me for gift ideas, so I decided to do a Countdown to Christmas series. Every day I will toss out gift ideas. There is no set structure so any suggestions and or requests are welcome. :) That said, on to the first installment: colleagues.

Yes, times are rough, but it’s always nice to show a token of appreciation to your colleagues. You know, the people you need to get along with, in order to get stuff done? Instead of passing out a bunch of candy canes, why not refrain from purchasing a bag of chips for yourself until Christmas, grab a cup of coffee instead of that latte that costs a dollar or two more, save a few bucks and spend it on your co-workers to show that: I may not like you, but I respect you. So here we go!

Couch Potato Stress Toy (Stress Ball)

via That site has a huge cubicle goodies section and an even larger stress ball series, all with price ranges of: $1.99 (for random fruits, animals, and no name things like the couch potato pictured left) to $3.99 for The Dilbert series. And hey, you can subtly name call the colleague / team member you don’t like by giving a passive aggressive stress ball of say a shark to that one asshole on your team. :)

Slingshot Flying CHICKEN

For the people who know me from FriendFeed, know I am extremely obsessed over this useless toy – the Flying Slingshot Chicken from Amazon. Priced at USD $2.29, I think this sucker is a steal. There is also: a frog, pig, duck, cow, monkey, and a few other animals, but imho, this funny looking chicken takes the cake. Its head is so. damn. huge. Only downfall is, it makes squaking noises. Kinda annoying but who gives a crap. It’s not like people are going to play with it after Christmas, anyway.

Inanimate Character Stickers

via, for $4.99 you get two sheets of stickers with eyes and mouths making all sorts of expressions. Go to the dollar store, buy a mug or 12, stick faces on there, wrap and voi la. Insta DIY gifts. For cheap. Again, you can let out some stress by making faces that resemble your colleagues, but these sticker thingies are so. EFin. cute, even if your always pissy co-worker gets a pissed off mug that resembles them, how can they get mad? Seriously.


If personalized gifts are too much effort, just buy a ton of candy and tell people to grab a handful. The point here, folks, is to not have the candy out until the 23rd or 24th (which ever is the last working day for your company). That way, it would be clear to those you work with, the candy is the gift and not something you feel like putting on your desk for all to eat. For free. You can buy in bulk at Target, but I would recommend looking online. The Candy Warehouse is a pretty cool site, and if you’re feeling adventerous, they even have Bubble Tape – remember those? :)


Individual Truffle Boxes

If you’re feeling a little generous, perhaps, go the fancy schmancy chocolate route. There are many online retailers that sell individual truffle boxes in festive colors. If you order early enough, you can save a bunch of money, as opposed to say – going to a specialized chocolate store and purchasing in bulk. The left image I found on, where they sell single truffle boxes for .45 cents each, with a minimum order of 25 boxes. Neat.

So there we have have it, people. Five gift ideas for your colleagues. If you are looking for more specific ideas, leave them in the comments. Please please PLEASE do not email, IM, or call me – since all gift inquiries will be ignored unless it is on my blog, FriendFeed, or Facebook. :)

Thanks guys and enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas: 5 Gift Ideas For Your Colleagues

  1. I too was facing the issue of how to stretch my gift giving dollars and discovered craft project kits by this company called Foldin’ Money on and the name implies exactly what it is, money folded into designs such as cake, a shirt and a star. The directions were clear and easy to follow. I spent about $45 dollars to purchase the three kits and spent about another $30 in creating the folded money designs. Using fabric and stickers I had around the house, I decorated them in holiday themes for the people on my list. Now my Christmas shopping’s done and I’m excited about giving homemade gifts this year. But the best part is, it’s MONEY that they can spend because the designs unfold and the decorations come off.

    Hope that helps, Merry Christmas!


  2. I was thinking about getting my favorite colleague a digital photo frame for Christmas. She loves taking pictures of her kids and family with her digital camera and needed a way to display all of her photos. I found one from CEIVA and it allows users to upload new photos from their email or phone. Check them out, and don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $500 for your holiday spending!

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