Countdown to Christmas: Top 3 Ultra Girly Bath Crap Specialty Brands

The United States does not have that big of a bath culture, but there is nothing more therapeutic and relaxing than a bath. Or the scent of these products in your bathroom. Trust me. Sometimes the effects of the essential oils are more positive on females than Midol, alcohol, or Midol with alcohol. Hey, whatever floats your boat. I don’t judge.

Believe it or not, I do have a girly high maintenance side and the following is proof. While all my American friends head to Bath and Body, Body Shop, Sephora, and other mall stores, I only indulge in specialty stores and brands.

Sabon NYC

OMG how I love Sabon. Seriously. They’re Israeli products that use salts from the Black Dead Sea (thanks, Shan) and holy wow everything from here RULES. This is only one of the reasons I am glad to be back in Manhattan. I can physically go to the store, pick up, smell, touch, and feel the products, instead of buying them online. These guys are handmade, so every piece is unique. I particularly love the packaging of the lotions. -sigh- My recommendations: bath bombs, soaps, and lotions. Carrot smells good, and it’s not because I love carrot cake. Visit the site here.


What can I say. I have a love hate relationship with LUSH. I love them because they smell so damn good. I hate them because the bath bombs tend to turn my bath into a hot freakin’ mess. In theory, the flower bath bombs are awesome. Picture watching the sodium carbon ball fizzes into the water and releases its glorious scents powered with essential oils. The flower petals (if you do so choose one with floral bits) floats around the tub into your own aqua garden. It can be romantic, relaxing, and just… lovely. Until you get out of the tub. The clean up is a nightmare. Ok, that may be over exaggerating a tad. Bottomline = I prefer Sabon’s bath bombs but LUSH has the best soaps. Their bath products are awesome, just stick to items with little or no color. Or simply find someone to (help) clean up. ha! ;) Lush’s American site is here.


Another Israeli based line that I love love LOVE. I think they can only be purchased online if you’re not in Manhattan, but almost everything from there comes highly HIGHLY recommended. They use salts from the Black Sea, too. The US site is here. Ahava is also sold at C.O. Bigelow, one of my favorite pharmacies in Manhattan. They also have an online shop, where they have a lot of cosmetics and such from abroad (England, France, Middle East, etc.) I get lost in there for hours at a time.

There you have it, folks! My three ultra favorite bath brands. And even if the person you give these products to decide to use it as bathroom decorations, at least they won’t from a mall store.

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