Swiss Cheese for Feet = WHY?

Seriously. These are my worst nightmare


Simply, blasphemous.

As if the colors aren’t bad enough, they’re rubber. RUBBER. Talk about hazardous. What happens when there’s a fire? Or the asphalt is scalding? Or you happen to trip in front of a hot motorcycle muffler and land with your feet up? Those suckers will burn and stick to your feet!
disclaimer: NOT based on actual research but my imagination. please don’t sue me for slander. k? thanks.

On top of that, there’s too much foot exposure going on.
And the holes on the side are just ALL sortsa wrong.
I’m sorry (not really) but I do not want to see cracked, ashy heels AND feet… not that I stare at strangers’ feet, but seriously. When you utilize public transpo as much as I do, it’s hard not seeing them and get outright disgusted. Simply put, Crocs are a waste of material and the ULTIMATE fashion faux-pauxs.

Why can’t they just… disappear? Dissipate? Remove itself from the world?!

BTW, these “actually cute Croc” boots? Do not count as Crocs.
For some reason this entry got A LOT of feedback on Facebook. You can see all the funny comments here.


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