Rant Warning: F*ckin Facebook, You Smart MotherEFers

facebook-customized-imgjpg-jpeg-image-512x302-pixelsFacebook is filled with some smart ass motherfuckers.

They came right when Gen XYZ (or whatever we’re called) became fed up with Myspace. You know, the other clusterfuck site where people’s personal spaces are overloaded by Flash and glitter? Where profile pictures are simply shameless and the nicknames are atrocious. I swear, if I see another: ~tHeOnEuLoSt~ and 2GooD4U I will slit my wrist a trillion times over (that’s just an analogy, I am not suicidal)

In came Facebook and sold us. Their users are real people with real information. Not only did they grab the fed up on Myspace crowd, they created an avenue everyone and their mothers (literally) can use.  They filled a need.

Now there are millions of users that aren’t teenagers. Really. Where else can you find your kindergarten crush, first boyfriend, middle school teacher, high school arch nemesis, the college professor you had a crush on, and your grandparents? WHERE? Facebook, of course. And now that they secured all the users, they are doing whatever the fuck they want. And you know what? That is so not okay. 

I am starting to feel like a lab rat.

The thing that pisses me off the most and guilty of as well, is this: As much as we all complain about the useless applications, the invites, the spam, the privacy issues – we continue using them. Facebook’s various partnerships concern me, but I can not get a clear grasp of what it means to me – specifically us, the users.

Now what?

Do we continue using Facebook and hope another comparable service pops up so we can… migrate? Do we try to push for OpenID? Will that really help? All I know is Facebook is seriously some smart ass motherfuckers and for now, as much as we bitch, we are not going anywhere and neither are they. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned.  Concerened by Facebook, their plans, their partnerships, their directions, and if they will eventually end up like Microsoft – monopolizing.

But would you migrate to another service? Should we let them do whatever they want? Should we be concerned with privacy and all their new partnerships?


18 thoughts on “Rant Warning: F*ckin Facebook, You Smart MotherEFers

  1. Mona, I’m still confused what experiments they’re putting their users through that you can’t opt out of or tighten through privacy controls. My mom is on Facebook, and right now only family can even request to be her friend on Facebook. She only appears in search results to family, and her updates only go out to family. I know of no other social service as secure as Facebook right now.

  2. Information, Jesse. It’s not what users or the public can access, I am concerned about the bigger picture. They seem to be data mining and we give them permission to (it’s in their T&Cs). Remember when Facebook didn’t enable users to permanently delete our accounts? Meaning, users’ info was stored in Facebook’s servers, even when they requested to delete their accounts – they were just deactivated and not permanently deleted.

    They are moving towards enterprise and commerce – and all our data stored in the dbs concerns me.

  3. I feel like a lab rat with tons of sites. One of the things I hate about Facebook are the ads. You have to say if you hate it or not, so they can tailor ads to your preference. Grrrrr…..

  4. But beyond all the application / layouts / features and functions, Facebook’s partnerships with all these Internet giants concerns me, since they have our information stored. As I wrote in the OpenID thing – I am not one to be anal about privacy. At all. But when $$$ and commerce becomes entwined, I can’t help but think: What and how is this relevant to us (users).

  5. i too have concerns about fb and am migrating to ff for serious work and keeping fb for social connection – probably will end up mostly on ff and may eventually cut the connection.

  6. That’s the problem – most of my ‘real life friends’ aren’t into Social Networking and the Internet. FriendFeed confuses the CRAP out of them… so it’s basically Facebook, Myspace, or LinkedIN. :(

  7. I know someone who has ‘quit’ Facebook at least half a dozen times. She ALWAYS returns – simply because ‘no one else would leave and I was all alone.’ Somehow I think it would be a really tough battle to get people to relocate – simply because for the most part those we’re trying to convert might not grasp the extent of the issue. I know most of my friends would completely miss the point.

  8. FB is great for helping folks find long lost ones. But once I find those ones, or if they find me, I bring them into my email/blog world. Keep my content on my site and mostly in my control.

    Will add that I just loaded Goolge’s Friend Connect gadget, but not sure it fits my purposes yet. So, we’ll see.

    But no, I will not close my account or migrate from FB.

    Nice Post

  9. These guys are pretty smart. I only wish I had the programming capabilities to carry out some of my ideas, alas, i do not.

    In terms of them having all our information available, I do not think it is necessarily bad. It just depends what they do with it. If they sell it to other companies as market research information, then in my opinion, only we (if you are the majority?) win out.

    I say this because, i don’t know if you remember but awhile back (like a year?), they had the ability for people to look at the top movies, songs, books, male to female ratio, in relationships… all that stuff for free. Any person using facebook could see it, and that option is no longer available. Cause they are probably selling that data.

    So big companies could(can?) buy this information and understand the consumer better and what they want. Is that necessarily bad? thats why i said the majority, because obviously, companies would be making products that are tailored to the majority (thats where the money is at).

    As long as they aren’t selling my specific data, like my name and birth place(which i don’t think is on facebook haha), I really do think that some of this information is readily available, in different forms. And maybe not as useful. But universities publish demographic data all the time. Could that be considered bad as well?

    I dunno, just throwing ideas out there.

    But yeah, it is kind of scary to think what they might be giving away. Their partnerships… I’m actually not sure who they partner with.

  10. I was swindled on paypal by some lowlife hiding behind a wireless account. Jerkwad was shocked when I got his addy info and came calling lol!

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