My Macbook AC Adapter Sparks. SPARKS


If killing electronics were a crime, I would have a life sentence.

I wish I could blame it on bad luck, but I am a klutz. Electronics have never been in my possession longer than three years – intact. If I don’t murder it, I lose them. To give a quick idea:

  • My Treo 600 plunged to its death… from my unzipped purse to the sidewalk.
  • The replacement, a Treo 650 drowned – it decided to go swimming. In a pool. Involuntarily.
  • That replacement, the Treo 700p got flattened by a cab – after it jumped out of my grasp. Fine, I dropped it.

And phones aren’t the only victims.

  • My first Macbook’s LCD cracked – a partition fell on it.
  • That replacement, a Macbook pro was electrocuted – I spilled something on the keyboard and there were some sparks between the “W” and “E”.

…on and on the fatality list goes. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll compile a complete dossier. ANYway, my current Macbook, I guard with my life, take care of, primp, and pamper. It has lasted a little over a year but there is one problem. Every single time I plug the AC into an outlet, there are sparks. SPARKS.

Am I doing something wrong? If someone – anyone knows the answer, please help. And please do not tell me I am being dramatic. Given my history, can you blame me?

Personally, I think the adapter is conspiring for redemption – given my past sins. It is gonna take one for the team – or attempting to.


5 thoughts on “My Macbook AC Adapter Sparks. SPARKS

  1. Funny post! Yup, I’ve seen this on Mac laptops. Try plugging the adapter into the wall outlet first (with the Mac disconnected). When I do this, there are no sparks when I “fwitt!” the magnetic plug onto my MacBook Pro. Good luck, let me know if it works for you!

    1. Trust me, Charlie – I have tried all sorts of methods and it STILL SPARKS!! I am thinking of swapping it, since I KNOW Apple will not take responsibility for electrocuted Macbooks and humans (me!)

      Thanks for the comment. :)

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  3. The plug on the adaptor gives a decent spark when pushed into a live socket. Sometimes, and that’s the weird part. I always do this with the charge plug disconnected from the computer – do that bit next and have a sigh of relief when the light on it shows.

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