Five Reasons to Look Forward to Britney’s Comeback


As embarrassed as this is to admit, I am fascinated by Brit-Brit. She seems to have pulled herself together recently, and doing quite well. Though she may never be back to her peak, five reasons why I am looking forward to her regaining the princess of pop crown:

  1. Wigs could be the new styling products
    Forget 30 dollar shampoos and 50 dollar hair masks. I’m hoping when Brit-Brit shaves her head again, it will be the new thing and wigs will be the new trend. It would cut my primping time down to 30 minutes (only make-up).
  2. Cheetos, gas stations, and dirty floors.
    Why wouldn’t you want to see another glimpse of our beloved Britney strolling out of a gas station bathroom barefoot, shoveling Cheetos in her mouth?
  3. Her grocery basket pictures
    I would be lying if we denied our addiction to her grocery carts’ photos. How can you not be amazed by the mountain of chips, frozen dinners, and processed foods?
  4. Another make out session with her Madgesty?
    Her daily attire may consist of cork shoes with gym pants, but she cleans up nicely. I am straight, but her onstage saliva swap with Madonna was H-O-T
  5. Sean Preston and Jayden Spears
    And because we want to see the most adorable spawns of two train wrecks grow up taken care of.

Good luck, Britney! And please duet with the other nutjob forgotten popstar again.


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