iPods Saved Apple in 2001 [Jobs Throwback]


Watching Steve Jobs debut the iPod in 2001, brought me back to elementary school and annual assemblies. Does anyone remember those? My school would have an annual “all school special assembly”, with a “surprise guest”, usually a magician or a fire breathing clown.

Oh but I digress. So one year later at the WWDC, Apple killed off Mac OS 9 on a huge stage filled with smoke and a coffin. What a difference. Can you blame me for thinking iPods saved Apple? ;)

See other notable Steve Jobs moments at maclife.

9 thoughts on “iPods Saved Apple in 2001 [Jobs Throwback]

  1. I remember my senior year of HS, I did a report for English on music piracy and how Apple, with iTunes, was helping legitimize digital music sales. Yep, I was a tech geek then, too.

    Can you imagine where we’d be without the iPod and iTunes? I can’t.

  2. As much as we complain about iTunes DRM, I can’t imagine where we’d be, either.

    Upload the report on your blog, Shawn. I’d love to read it!

  3. Immediately after this announcement, I posted online that the typical 24 year-old (me) would not buy it. I bought it 12 hours later, when I watched the video upon getting home.

    FAIL me.

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