Is Steve Jobs an Evil Dictator or Our Savior?

There was an article on about a Finnish cyber securities firm discovering malware for the iPhone named”Mobile Spy”. For $99 a year, you can monitor calls, mobile web activities, and SMS this software logs, through your Mobile Spy account.

But fret not, Mobile Spy is not a security risk since it needs to be physically installed in the phone you want to monitor. So unless someone has access to your handset or you have a psycho stalker, an ex that turned psycho stalker, or you choose to have relationships with psycho stalkers (no judgements, to each their own!) that can access your phone, you’re safe. Now Spyware/malware, or what have you, is not breaking technology and has been around since I was an Internet n00b.

But this got me thinking.

People always complain about Apple and how it is outright stupid that Steve Jobs controls who has access to our hardware. I would be lying if I said I didn’t bitched stated at one time or another: why can’t Apple be more like PCs, where we don’t have to search for ‘authorized dealers’. Not only is it a) a pain in the ass to look for one but b) EXPENSIVE. The less retailers that sell Apple, the more pricey hardware/software and related services are.

On the other hand, could one of the main reasons Apple products are less prone to malware/spyware/viruses be because Jobs is looking out for the consumer by keeping close tabs, and because of that, we are at less of a risk to be exposed?

What do you think? Is Jobs simply a dictator or is he looking out for us (consumers)?
(image via toyaday Thanks, J.)

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7 thoughts on “Is Steve Jobs an Evil Dictator or Our Savior?

  1. I know very little about Steve Jobs personally, but based on his actions that I know about, he’s a man who loves simplicity. He does not compromise to keep things simple. He’ll look like a giant buttmunch to the geek community for doing things a certain way, but I think in the end it all works out. Also, Steve Jobs does not equal Apple. Steve hires extremely smart people who are willing to think outside the box and to go against the norm. I’m all for closed environments in certain situations, and I’m all for open environments in others. The iPod/iPhone ecosystem works whether people love it or hate it. The Mac hardware/software ecosystem works whether people love it or hate it. Guess what? Nobody HAS to use any of it and that’s the beauty of it. To each his own. Rant over. :)

  2. I’m gonna go on record and say that Apple isnt less prone to spyware. Hackers just dont really feel like spending the time to code a virus or some sort of malware that only effects 5% of all computer users so they usually just stick to trying to mess around with pc’s.I also think that its dumb that the only place you really can get a part for an apple from is apple. its time consuming,expensive and frustrating and one of the many reasons why i love my pc

  3. Bwana: Beautifully stated – in fact, the best comment about this topic I’ve seen so far. Thanks for your insight and dont tell anyone, but I fully agree. ;)

    T1: I think it has to do more with hackers not understanding the OS, since it is completely different from a Windows. Let me put it to you this way: Even I can go into a Windows machine, dig around, and figure it out. OS X, not so much. ;)

  4. Not wanting to take the time to learn/not understanding or knowing too much about OS kinda goes hand in hand. if it was more commonly used you’d see alot more people learning how to hack into macs

  5. Hi,

    Just found this blog googling “Steve Jobs Dictator” and I read carefully your post…

    Truth is, Apple is a very restrictive software/hardware company. I guess part of their success is to be a kind of elitist brand, a little bit expensive, making excellent products but, at the same time, keeping a weird philosophy based on “my way or no way”…

    I like Apple: my next computer will be a Macbook but I am also aware that, out of the fancy design and excellent software/hardware bundle, I will be dealing with a very closed/controlled platform were the Manufacture wants to or directly controls almost every single one of the components around (especially regarding accessories, setup, components, etc.).

    Anyway, I think it worth to try it: after all, once you got the experience, then you can decide whether you like it or not…

    Nice post: thank you very much for sharing it :-))

    Kind regards from Amsterdam,


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