iPhone’s Biggest Problem is Not the Firmware or Hardware


It is the stupid, piece of crap, totally evil network.

I have lived and visited countless cities across the US of A.
I have been on Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.
I used all four networks across those countless cities.
AT&T is still the worst. network. EVER.

Since my 2007 comparison, I continue experiencing:

  • Echo
  • Dropped calls
  • FAILed connections
  • Bizarre background buzz
  • SMS errors
  • Voicemail errors
  • …shall I continue?

AT&T’s stagnancy and their failure to improve is apalling.
The only thing that went up is the damn pricing.
I truly truly dislike AT&T.

So much so, I wish somehow, some way, AT&T’s towers will be blown to bits. Completely dissipated, so they can start from ground up and rebuild better towers. You know, just like the other evil Empire’s super weapon was destroyed and the Death Star II was constructed? It was a more superior battle station, though it ended up being destructed. Actually, that sounds like a good solution since I refuse to Jailbreak my phone and hop on T-mobile’s network.

Anyone down to start a Rebel Alliance?

(image borrowed from Giz, found Googling “AT&T” and “evil”, made by Jesus Diaz. Go figure. Oh – the chicken scratch is mine)
BTW there’s a great discussion over at FF regarding real user experiences. Lots of people from various parts of the country weighing in. Come join! http://bit.ly/MB4G

6 thoughts on “iPhone’s Biggest Problem is Not the Firmware or Hardware

    1. Thanks for your feedback Bill – what kind of phone do you have if you don’t mind me asking.

      As for me, I brought the iPhone, Curve (T-mobile), and Sprint phones, my family was on Verizon (mom local, brother based in SF). We were mainly on the West Side of the island (Hawaii Kai, Loa Ridge, etc). AT&T was still horrible. I wrote about my experiences here.

  1. I have heard so many people say that and that is one of the reasons why I have not invested into an iPhone{I use a Blackberry Curve and I’m lovin’ it ^_^). We use US Cellular here in Missouri and by far the customer service has been wonderful. We have had Sprint and we always had dropped calls and AT&T was just as bad.

    I hope Apple begin selling unlocked iPhone or open the iPhone up to other carriers.

  2. Pixelbits, I’m afraid you would have similar experiences on any network. At most areas (specially nyc) every phone company shares the same network. One usually do the wires and then lease it out to the others since there is a law mandating them to do so.
    It’s just a matter of having a good tower near by. I had t-mobile, at&t and verizon, they were all horrible at Newport (New Jersey) but they all seemed to be ok on Brooklyn.
    It also depends on the phone a lot. My HTC had way better reception than my iPhone. And a blackberry phone was better at getting the signal than the other 2. Unfortunately you can’t go around trying phones and signals like the Verizon commercial, can you?

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