Shut Your Friggin Piehole


When a friend of mine said I sounded like this “Carol girl”, I had no idea who he was referencing. When I figured out it was that Carol — you know, Yahoo’s new CEO Carol Bartz? I laughed the fuck out loud. When he linked me to the liveblog from the press conference, I laughed even harder.


Bartz then sharply raised the game, noting that Yahoo and its assets “frankly, could use a little management.”

“the company needs some “friggin’ breathing room” and that it’s time for all those outside the company who are endlessly yammering about what Yahoo needs to do, to shut their pie holes.”

“She noted that she was off to a

management meeting,

which is much more important

than chit-chatting with

annoying press and analysts.”


Yahoo finance says: She (Bartz) appears to have exactly the philosophy that Yahoo needs right now“. Which seems like a PC way of stating: Carol Bartz has the balls Yahoo (Yang)’s been missing. I am now a fan.

Bartz-ism FTW


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