Since I’m Feeling Good Today: 25 Things You May or May Not Have Known About Me.

Here are 25 things about me you may not know because you used to know me more, or didn’t know me then. Here is my open book:

  1. I can choose to live in three countries – legally.
  2. I can recite all 50 states and the capitals alphabetically. (Thank you, Miss Henry!)
  3. Name all 11 players of the first Dream Team (plus the alt) in under 30 seconds.
  4. THE undefeated champion of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.
  5. Prefer plastic utensils to silverware. The metallic taste disrupts my palate.
  6. Typically atypical.
  7. Pleasantly brash.
  8. Optimistically, realistic.
  9. Relationship retarded.
  10. Innocent yet experienced (the Facebook quiz told me so)
  11. Fragile, but strong.
  12. Politely frank.
  13. Practical yet carefree.
  14. Particular but careless.
  15. Compassionate and insensitive.
  16. Loyal yet flighty.
  17. Easily amused.
  18. Quickly bored.
  19. Super outgoing.
  20. Extremely private.
  21. Sociable but introverted.
  22. Insanely rational.
  23. Consistently random.
  24. A walking paradox.
  25. Simply, complicated.

If you so choose to do your 25, leave the link as a comment, please :)
Happy Friday, everyone!
(crossposted to my Facebook.)


26 thoughts on “Since I’m Feeling Good Today: 25 Things You May or May Not Have Known About Me.

  1. haha! ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT! I didn’t know i was being GRADED on my spelling! At least I knew who the hell it was…i gotta get something for that, que no? (I HATED the bastard anyway, so i’m glad i butchered his name anyway!)


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