STFU, Valleywag. Just SHUT. UP.

Pardon while I rant really quick but Valleywag’s “Marissa Mayer Sticking to Google Like Icing on a Cupcake” piece pissed me off – check out how it starts:

“Google will never be free of Marissa Mayer, the cupcake-loving gigglepuss VP who oversees the company’s multibillion-dollar search engine. Or so says Marissa Mayer.”

Now I understand Valleywag is a gossip rag and controversy increases page views (read: $$$), so I don’t read them. At all. But today, I did. Why? Rizzn shared it on FriendFeed and despite better judgment, I looked. Big mistake.  As a female in tech, this type of mockery pisses me teh EF off.

Say and think what you want about Marissa Mayer, but she knows her stuff. Her passion for Google’s products / services are clear when she talks, and most importantly, when she is on the mic, she is: PROFESSIONAL.

Whatever, Valleywag’s a bunch of haters anyway.

So why does this bug me so much? Well you see, we females – especially in tech, are categorized itn two groups: the hard ass bitch – where we’re called “butch” or “bitches with balls” behind our backs or cheerleaders. Well, in Valleywag terms:  “cupcake-loving gigglepusses” Read: a no win situation.

WTF are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to act? Truth is, it doesn’t matter, since we (females) get talked about anyway – and Valleywag isn’t helping any. Especially picking on someone like Marissa Mayer.

So Valleywag? STFU. Just SHUT. UP.


10 thoughts on “STFU, Valleywag. Just SHUT. UP.

  1. Sad that this is the case with women in tech. I don’t think that way at all, but I’m just one dude…playing a dude disguised as another dude (sorry, couldn’t resist the last part)

  2. This also appears to be an issue in politics and where else females are in positions of power within Western society.

    For example, there was definite gender-themed undertones at the start of the 2008 election when Barack Obama competed against Hillary Clinton.

    Time will eventually erode away these gender-related social issues, and then our descendants will look upon us somewhat in the manner of this comic (

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