Self Portrait Whores, this iPhone App is for You

I am way too cheap to buy apps and don’t do product/app reviews, since they are so time consuming (taking screen shots, explaining, etc) but this I have to share. I found this neat iPhone app by GAM products and it’s nothing like I’ve ever seen.

It’s a filter that applies light to iPhone photos.
Confused? Well, see for yourself:



iTunes link: Light . It’s only two bucks.
Images from digitalfilmtools

BTW whoever says the iPhone’s camera sucks is WRONG. Proof is here.


12 thoughts on “Self Portrait Whores, this iPhone App is for You

  1. That’s really cool! The only one I bought so far is Photogene. A great $3 purchase. I can very easily and quickly crop, color correct, sharpen and more. I use it all the time.

    1. There are so many iPhone photo apps, I’m having problems deciding. Now that I think about it, this app is neat for self portrait addicts. ;)

      THANK YOU TO CARMEN! Because of you, the headline is catchier!

  2. Looks good, but I will only spend my hard earned 2 bucks on games. I’m definitely a self-portrait whore, but I’m not really that into trying to polish turds.

  3. This looks so nice. I use Camera Bag sometimes, but this could be another good option. And these pictures are much better than advertised. Nice post.

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