Facebook Change of Policy: Why You Should Care

Basically, they are saying:

“What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.”

Now it’s no secret TOS (Terms of Service) concerns didn’t start with Facebook. Facebook also isn’t the only site telling users: “Hey, we own your content.” My problem is with the licensing and sub-licensing and what they can do with content we put on their site. But the worst part is, Facebook makes sharing everything SO easy.

So why is this relevant to you? Picture this:

  • A video that you uploaded of your baby eating was so cute, it became super popular in the say – Mommy Application you installed. If Facebook catches wind of that, they can sell it to like say… Gerber to turn into a commercial/ad. Who gets paid? FACEBOOK.
  • You write poetry and upload to your Facebook notes and blog. You write more poetry and upload to Facebook notes and blog. Your poetry becomes popular and published. So who really owns the rights to the book?
  • That one picture of your dog is so damn cute, people are sharing it with everyone else. Facebook finds out about it and decides to sell the image to saaay – Alpo. That commercial becomes super popular. Who gets paid? FACEBOOK.

See the pattern?
If you think things don’t spread, you are wrong. Take the 25 Things, for example. People were complaining about how stupid it was, but fact remains, it spread. Even TIME Magazine wrote an article about it. No one can predict what will spread.

I am not trying to make you paranoid nor am I trying to start a TOS revolution. All I’m saying is remember the next time you upload or import something to share, Facebook WILL own it and you have given them the right to redistribute – and profit.

Further discussions on my Facebook here and on FriendFeed here and Mike has a great example of why we need to be aware in: “Facebook Lays an Egg
Edit: Mark Zuckerberg’s response here. And usual, Duncan Riley of the Inquisitr says it best: “Word of advice: get your blog content off Facebook ASAP .

Edit 2/18 Facebook Reverts TOS

What to do with your boss’ Facebook request.

So the day comes when you log into your Facebook and see that one friend request you never wanted to see: from your boss.

You stare at it for a few seconds, stuck on stupid, trying to decide what to do. There are a trillion things racing through your head: “Should I accept it? … but what about all my incriminating party pictures? Or the extremely personal things written on my wall – I don’t want my boss to see that! How do I politely decline without getting fired? Should I just pretend I didn’t see it? What if I hit accept and he/she finds out I am sitting on Facebook all day? What should I do? F*CK.”

There is only one answer: Deny.

It doesn’t matter if your partying days are long over and incriminating drunk photos are irrelevant to you. Or you live the most conservative life style, and  a complete open book. Remember, all it takes is one photo, comment, or wall comment to tarnish your reputation FOREVER. People are judgmental and unforgiving. The best option here is to ignore, deny, or pretend you never saw the request.  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

However, some people have bosses that follow up on their request. If they do, here are a few suggestions to get you out of that extremely awkward situation:
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We All Fail, Get Used To It

I am not strong.
I learned to be strong.

In May 2007 after my mom died, I said:

“Never be too afraid to take risks, for what may hurt you will only make you stronger.”

In July 2007, Kanye West released “Stronger” and said the same thing:

“Not that don’t kill me, Can only make me stronger.”

A year later, Dave McClure said it more detailed:



in fact, the more you are used to failing — and failing fast, with data on how you fail — the better off you will be.”

Dave is on point.

Now you may not be a big pimpin’ VC like Dave. You also may not be a big time recording artist like Kanye. And your mom – or whoever your rock is, may very well be alive. But all of us (even you) have one thing in common: we are human.

Everything we face in life is a challenge. We will fail. We will also succeed. But life goes on.
You can be whoever and whatever you want.

So why not move forward with life instead of holding on to the bad?

Life doesn’t always go our ways.
There are things that suck, and suck hard.

Take risks. You can do whatever you choose to do and be whoever you choose to be.
Because not that don’t kill you, can only make you stronger.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Fail again. Fail better. – Samuel Beckett