We All Fail, Get Used To It

I am not strong.
I learned to be strong.

In May 2007 after my mom died, I said:

“Never be too afraid to take risks, for what may hurt you will only make you stronger.”

In July 2007, Kanye West released “Stronger” and said the same thing:

“Not that don’t kill me, Can only make me stronger.”

A year later, Dave McClure said it more detailed:



in fact, the more you are used to failing — and failing fast, with data on how you fail — the better off you will be.”

Dave is on point.

Now you may not be a big pimpin’ VC like Dave. You also may not be a big time recording artist like Kanye. And your mom – or whoever your rock is, may very well be alive. But all of us (even you) have one thing in common: we are human.

Everything we face in life is a challenge. We will fail. We will also succeed. But life goes on.
You can be whoever and whatever you want.

So why not move forward with life instead of holding on to the bad?

Life doesn’t always go our ways.
There are things that suck, and suck hard.

Take risks. You can do whatever you choose to do and be whoever you choose to be.
Because not that don’t kill you, can only make you stronger.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Fail again. Fail better. – Samuel Beckett


6 thoughts on “We All Fail, Get Used To It

  1. big pimpin’ VC eh? awesome.

    now let’s hope I don’t FAIL at that too… cuz that shit might really kill my ass.

    (nice post mona… take care and hope u keep getting stronger :)

  2. Dave – I got back to that post every time I need a kick of MoJo. Funny, isn’t it? How you were addressing entrepreneurs, yet that post applies to all of us. You’re an inspiration!

    mythalez – Tried it, doesn’t work. ;)

  3. great post and honestly if someone cant agree with that one they should jump off of the top of the ren cen. we all have things that happen in our lives that make us want to stay in a constant state of negativity but no one should get bogged down in being depressed because life never stops and regardless of how you’re feeling at the moment.

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