Vanilla Ice Apologizes to the World for His Existence

Is this satire?
If not, there is something wrong with him.
Why would anyone apologize for being successful?

What a loser.
No wonder he FAILed.


6 thoughts on “Vanilla Ice Apologizes to the World for His Existence

  1. After reading this, I put Vanilla Ice on my Pandora Radio station, and now I’m enjoying all sorts of 90s hip hop. This certainly brightened my day.

    I thought he was joking at the beginning, and then after I watched more of it, he seemed serious. Whatever he believes, I’m sure the check from Virgin makes up for it.

  2. Louis – totally with you on the 90s hip-hop. Ice, Ice, Baby is on repeat. But man, what a way to sell your soul and still stay (somewhat) relevant. :(

    And I still have the Ice Ice Baby single (cassette)
    As well as album (cassette)

  3. Alright I stopped, collaborated and listened… and I’m sure that’s satire. I hope! There’s no way he would apologize after all the money he earned off of his 15 minutes. :-/

  4. 40 million copies sold!!!??? I didn’t know it sold that many, i was too busy making fun of it as a kid. But apology excepted Van Winkle, just don’t let it happen again

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