Advertisers: Rethink Your Ad Models or GTFO.

(image via Natalie Dee)
Oh yes I AM blogging about this – and the saddest part is the 99.9999999% chance these people aren’t even going to see this.

Let me back up. So the other day, an advertiser contacts me with a laughable proposition. I asked how (s)he calculated rates and this is what they came back with:

We price against television and $32/1000 views is a bit more expensive than the average for a 30 second spot on popular prime time television. Since we’re trying to compete for dollars with brand advertising dollars, it’s hard to go considerably higher than that.

…thank goodness email exchanges aren’t real time video, for I LOLd at that explanation.
It’s hilarious how people seriously compare traditional broadcasting rates to Internet rates.

In 2009, how much are traditional broadcasting ads truly worth?
Think about it:

Traditional broadcasting:

  • One distribution channel
  • DVR / Tivo read: ads are skipped
  • Ads are broadcasted only during time purchased


  • Content lives forever
  • Several distribution channels via aggregators
  • Google juice; niche audience + key word searches

Think about that, figure out a new model, then approach me. Sorry (well not really) but it’s not my job to teach “Strategic Monetizing in the Digital Age 101”.


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