Becoming a Social Business: Social Media is like the early days of IT

My friend Mona and I were having a conversation about this the other day and she compared business’ understanding of social media to the early days of the IT department when executives thought one person could handle all the technology needs. Twenty years ago companies thought one person could fill the role of Systems Administrator, Web Developer, Systems Architect, Help Desk, Project Manager, User Experience, etc. I thought this was a good analogy. To be successful, we need to grow beyond relying on a single person or department to own the use of social media. via Customer Think

I rarelytalk shop with anyone (look at my blog(s) and Twitter – I hardly share industry / social media related news) but Shannon Paul is one of the few exceptions. Her and I can talk for hours about anything and everything, including our now digicentric world. The way I see it, is, if you know community, you’re living community, and you don’t need to Tweet, blog, and talk about it every. second. of the day.

Shannon is one of the very few (in my humble opinion) who comprehends social media inside out. She is one who practices what she preaches. Just look at her blog and Twitter, you can immediately tell she talks TO the community and not AT the community. If you’re a brand or an individual looking to break into social media, Shannon is definitely one to follow. Plus, she’s smarter than me. ;)

Thanks, Shannon, for my two minutes of industry fame! :)

Read more from Shannon on her “Very Official Blog
Follow her on Twitter here: @ShannonPaul



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