How My iPhone and Twitter Apps 1UPd My Twidiction


Damn you iPhone.
Damn you Tweetie2.
Damn you SimplyTweet.
And most of all, DAMN YOU TWITTER.

…ok fine. So my Twitter addiction is not because of the above, but hey, I need something to blame, and I am sticking to the above as excuses.

When I first started Twitter, I had close to zero friends and didn’t really…well…get it. And by “getting it”, I mean Twitter. Most of the interesting people only interacted with each other and completely ignored me.

What. The. F**K.

It was sucky to be disregarded and I felt really lame…well…more like I was talking to a wall. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. *crickets*…ok, so I’d say more interesting things than HI or @Oprah I JUST ATE A GRILLED CHEESE FOR LUNCH TALK TO ME. But I digress. Where was I? Oh, ya. Twitter addiction.

So fast forward a year or so when I finally attended a blog conference. Oh man, that changed my entire Twitter experience. I finally met almost everyone I interacted with online for over a year in *gasp* PERSON. Through my existing friends, I met a ton of new and interesting people and now my Twitter stream is out of control FUN.

Combine the connections with the convenience of Twitter on the go and BAM. My average of 3 Tweets a day escalated to approximately 30-50 Tweets a flippin’ day…Holy smokes, still looking at the stats on and mortified. I am one chatty mother f**ker — why are ya’ll still following me? Wow.

Tweetie2 and its amazingness encouraged my addiction; I mean how can you NOT love the pull down to refresh feature? SimplyTweets’ push notifications alert me to new @replies and Twitter’s web UI keeps improving with new features and functions. I also have 10 Twitter apps aside from Tweetie2 and SimplyTweets.

Um, wow.

Add everything together and now, I am:

  1. responding to all and any who talk to me on Twitter …within a minute.
  2. introduced to at least one person a day, so my Twitterverse keeps expanding.
  3. my face is ALWAYS in my phone – walking, waiting, at a restaurant, bar, anywhere and everywhere. I don’t even turn it off for dates.

My dependence on Twitter is so bad, I exceed Twitter’s third party app 100 API call hourly limit…every EFin hour. My phone constantly runs out of batteries in less than four hours. I even walk around with a frickin’ wall plug and shamelessly ask establishments if I can recharge my phone. Using their electricity.

Uhhh double wow. I have a life, I really do. I…swear?

SIGH. Fine, I have a problem and when I write out details of my Twidiction (Twitter+addiction) it is definitely unhealthy, socially inept, and rude, since I cannot seem to tear myself away, even when I step outside. Damn you, Twitter, for being so interesting.

Well, I need to do something about this problem. So starting from today, I am challenging myself to limiting my Tweets to 10 a day (at the most).

But more importantly, my friend Shannon is correct when she says: “Tweets are like farts in the wind.”  As in, Tweets come, go, then disappear into thin air. There’s no way to archive (except favoriting which is a huge clustermess, but that’s a separate entry). Why even bother with the frustration? I have a blog as well as various places to flap my piehole, so why not utilize them?

Let’s see how long this will last.

Are you addicted to Twitter? If so, when did you realize your addiction, and are you planning to do something about it? Share your story and if you wish, we will support each other wean off our addiction!


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